It’s Oliver Stone’s fault.

The sin of Pride is hard to contain when you’re doing creative work.  I get that.  Growing up, I would frequently insult people I cared about because I observed something about them and found a cool way to describe it.  I couldn’t keep it to myself.  I just needed to let everyone know how clever I was.

I recently spent a couple of miserable years in investment banking.  That’s what happens when you don’t get a degree kids.  Well white male kids anyway.  That or insurance sales. Every era of white male since “Wall Street” has grown up with Gordon Gecko quotes.  Young men in finance quote him more than most.  “Greed is good,” isn’t a shocking quote like it was when that film came out.  Nobody really got in trouble for that whole economic meltdown thing so it kind of proves to be true if you don’t answer to anything greater than yourself.

Oliver Stone wrote a Donald Trump- like villain and he couldn’t help but give him charismatic, funny things to say.  Because he thought of them and just needed to let everyone know how clever he was.  The villain became a hero to many, and now his inspiration is the president.

Stone tried to warn us where the media was headed in the early years of the 24 hour news cycle with “Natural Born Killers.”  There is some brilliant commentary in that film.  It is also an orgy of stylized, gruesome violence.  At the end, I’m not sure I get the message.  Do I want to unplug from the media afterward?  Maybe a little, but the killers seemed so cool.  The road trip seemed so cool.  My need for every awful thing the media dishes out to me has been stoked by the film.  I want to go on a fucking and fighting road trip across America with the top down a lot more than I want to box up the TV that made me feel that way.

Did “Savages” make the audience want to stop supporting Mexican cartels with their weed dollars more than it made them want to go get some really good weed?    Did it make women see that being shared by men probably meant they were being objectified not loved or did it make them wish they had two hot partners like the character depicted?

Is Jim Morrison a character to be looked up to?

I could go on and on.  Oliver Stone is usually so busy being clever he fails to make his own point.  That’s my point. At the end of the day the media is a more destructive force in our society than it has ever been and Donald Trump is the leader of the free world.  Nice work, Oliver.